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Guy Purcella

Lead Instructor

Hello, my name is Guy Purcella and I am a 40 year drywall professional. I grew up doing drywall as my dad did it most of his life. I spent roughly 20 years doing new construction and the last 20 years running my own business called Mr Patch Drywall where I honed my drywall repair skills, texture matching and business building, creating a successful 5 star rated business. I started a YouTube Channel called That Kilted Guy DIY to pass on my skills and now have over 300,000 subscribers and over 33 million views. I created this drywall academy to further pass on those skills to others who want to quit fighting the process of drywall mudding, texturing and hanging drywall. I look forward to helping you, and getting to know you. Feel free to contact me and let me know the type of training you are looking for.

YouTube Training Testimonials

Just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we've received on YouTube

“Your my companies training videos. I just send the new guys to your page and once they watch all your videos then there allowed to start mudding on my job sites.”


“I dont know of any other area of construction where you will get more conflicting suggestions/answers than drywall. If you are looking for truth/correct answers in drywall, look no further than this channel / The Kilted Guy. I consider him to be the equivalent to the Supreme Court of drywall. ”


“...Even tho I've been doing drywall for yrs, I still learn something from you everything I watch. Your Videos are required study for any new employee I have, no matter how much experience they say they have.”

Bennet Jones

“You are the best! I followed your teaching and did the FIRST good drywall patch I've ever done. THANK YOU”

Troy Fernwalt

“ ...let it be known you have helped me become one of the top drywallers in my area and I appreciate you!”

Jeffrey Clark

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